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We know how important finding the right physician is to you. Therefore by developing a relationship with you and your family. We are able to assist with your physical, emotional & nutritional needs. This attention to all aspects of wellness enables patients to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

  • Carolina Family Healthcare Direct Phone Numbers
    Reba Cutler’s Nurse 704-945-4504
    Dino Kanelos’ Nurse 704-945-4503
    Michael McCarthy’s Nurse 704-945-4518
    Jeff Seeger’s Nurse 704-945-4502
    Maureen Scott/Kristen Spratt’s Nurse 704-945-4509
    Business Administrator 704-945-4514 Colleen
    Clinical Administrator 704-945-4511 Kimberly
    Office Manager 704-945-4505 Suzette
    Nursing Supervisor 704-945-4501 Aundria
    Special Operations Manager 704-945-4507 Charlotte
    Medicare Coordinator 704-945-4512 Lisa, RN
    CCM Coordinator 704-945-4516 Chelsea, LPN
    Ballantyne Sleep Center 704-943-5075
    Direct Primary Care 704-945-4510
    CFH Billing 704-945-4500
    Allergy Clinic 704-945-4515
    Medical Records 704-945-4506
Colleen Dey
Colleen DeyAdministrator – Business Operations
Bachelor of Science in Accounting
• Virginia Tech

Colleen has been working in healthcare finance and operations for thirty years, having spent the first four years as an auditor of healthcare entities for Deloitte. She has worked as an auditor, consultant, and chief financial officer since then and has always specialized in Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement. She joined CFH in 2003 and oversees the business operations including billing, contracting, information systems, marketing and data analytics. She also serves as the HIPAA Security Officer. Colleen works on a part time basis.

Kimberly Cassell
Kimberly CassellAdministrator – Clinical Operations
Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management
• University of Mississippi Medical Center

Kimberly joined CFH in 2008 and has worked her way to the Administrator position. She determines the clinical policies and procedures and ensures that all staff follow them. She also oversees CFH’s PCMH certification, all outside laboratories that work with CFH, OSHA compliance, and serves as the HIPAA Compliance Officer. Kimberly telecommutes from Mississippi and works on a part time basis.

Suzette Schlafly
Suzette SchlaflyOffice Manager
Suzette joined CFH in 2004 and worked her way from the front desk to medical assistant to office manager. She handles all staff and patient issues and serves as the HIPAA Privacy Officer.
Charlotte Ramirez, RPSGT
Charlotte Ramirez, RPSGTSpecial Operations Manager
Charlotte has been in healthcare for more than 20 years, originally starting as a Registered Polysomnogram Technologist working in epilepsy and sleep medicine. Charlotte joined CFH in 2008 as the manager of the sleep center and has since expanded duties to become an integral part of the CFH management team. She oversees the sleep center and allergy clinic, provides IT support including website maintenance, serves as research coordinator and handles the hiring of staff for CFH.
Aundria Fisher, CMA
Aundria Fisher, CMAClinical Staff Manager
Joined CFH: 2009
Aundria joined CFH in 2009 and has been in nursing for 21 years. As the Clinical Staff Manager, she oversees the nurses and implements clinical policies and procedures, including PCMH certification.
Lisa, RN
Lisa, RNMedicare Coordniator
Joined CFH: 2022
Gracie Forero-Cabezas, CMA
Gracie Forero-Cabezas, CMACMA, Allergy Clinic Coordinator
Joined CFH: 2014
Love Green
Love GreenPhlebotomist
Joined CFH: 2014
Front desk
Front desk Christy
Joined CFH: 2018
Front desk
Front desk Jennifer
Joined CFH: 2021
Front desk
Front desk Brynn
Joined CFH: 2021
Front desk
Front desk Conedra
Joined CFH: 2022
Nurses Angie
Joined CFH: 2021
Nurses Monchel
Joined CFH: 2016
Nurses Teresa
Joined CFH: 2019
Sleep Center Coordinators
Sleep Center Coordinators Ballantyne Sleep Team
Ballantyne Sleep: 704-943-5075
Noni Joined: CFH 2011
Melissa Joined: CFH 2011
Sharmel (not pictured) Joined CFH: 2017
Michelle (not pictured) Joined CFH: 2023


How we treat our patients from the moment they walk in the door, to the lasting impression we’ve left them when they leave matters most to us.

Everyone was very professional and friendly. They were very prompt in taking me close to my scheduled appointment which is very hard to find now days.


Dr. Kanelos and his staff are friendly, professional, and caring. Dr. K always explains everything clearly and patiently. Our family never feels rushed during our appointments and the atmosphere is always pleasant and positive.


Staff is so pleasant, I didn’t have to wait and Dr. Kanelos takes as much time as I needed to go over test results and to discuss a plan of action for me. Most importantly, Dr. Kanelos LISTENS!


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