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Our Travel Health Pharmacist provides a comprehensive travel assessment of travel health needs based on the traveler’s specific destination, activities, purpose for travel and medical history.

The 30-45 minute travel consultation includes a travel report regarding the destination to keep with your travel documents, one-on-one travel health advice and counseling about medications and immunizations. For some diseases, there are no treatments or medications available, however we provide tips and general travel advice on how to avoid becoming sick with illnesses that travelers may come in contact with.

While North America has eradicated many diseases, other countries around the world may still experience vaccine preventable diseases.
Recommended Travel Vaccinations
Disease Prevention
Travel Safety
Foods to Avoid
•Recommended Travel Supplies
Malaria and Diarrhea Prevention
•Tips and Advice

Vaccines may be administered the same day as the consultation. Vaccine cost is not included in consultation fee. You should schedule your appointment at least 2 months prior to travel.

Price:$75 per person
(Family rates available)

Keith Yon, PharmD

Doctor of Pharmacy
•UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Science in Biology
• University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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We stay up to date with the Center for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and other world health leaders to consistently monitor and update health hazards and outbreaks throughout the world.

For more information on Healthy Travel and to learn more about the 3 P’s (Proactive, Prepared, and Protected) of Healthy Travel read the Center for Disease Control’s Survival Guide to Safe and Healthy Travel.

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